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Our Photo/Video Gallery Software
Available for License/Purchase

Yes, our website gallery code is available for license/purchase on an individual case by case basis. If you need of a highly specialized combined photo and video gallery software with an ability offer print sales on a revenue share basis with your uploaders, our software is without question the best solution you will find anywhere (short of hiring a programming team to custom code your application, which will cost you many tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the time).

The website was coded by professional internet design php programmers over a 16 month period. Our software was entirely designed in-house from the ground up, for the simple reason that there is no out of the box php photo/video gallery software available from any third party software vendors that can come anywhere close to providing all the required features of this site's business model.

The gallery website code employed in this site is extremely complicated as not only have we designed a feature rich front end, but we have added an extensive photo sale and revenue share module. Photo uploaders have the option of offering photos for sale of their image uploads, and the revenue can be shared between the website operator and photographers. The back end accounting system keeps track of all the photo sales for each photographer, and tracks the entire photo sale process from the time the order is placed, authorized, sent for processing, packaged, and shipped. The detailed accounting module keeps track of photo sales profitability.

The back end admin and CSS allows for the webmaster to have complete control over the look and feel of the website, menu bars, page content, and banner ads. Also, the website incorporates a comprehensive photo and video approval process whereby site members can request to become video and/or photo approvers, and then they can approve member uploads. Photo/video uploaders can suggest new category and listing field data which can easily be approved and edited by the site admin. All site categories and fields are fully editable by the site admin.

Not only can we provide a specific site license for your website, our in-house php programming staff can also provide programming support and customization for your site launch, as well as ongoing technical support as required. We do not offer a dummied down version of our software.

The cost of a single site license is $10,000 USD. For additional details, please contact us providing your telephone number. One of our sales staff will be in contact with you to answer your questions.

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