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Welcome to, your airline photo and video megaport. If you're a hard-core airline fan like us, and like watching airliners, you've come to the right spot! We're the web's newest place for airline photo and video content, with all the action under one roof!

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We offer airline photographers the best photo monetization opportunity for their photos available anywhere. Unlike other airliner photo gallery websites where photographers get paid peanuts when someone buys a print from one of their images, we have created a unique business model that tracks and rewards photographers for their work, with the highest photographer cash payouts.

Here's how it works:

If someone orders a 4X6 print from the AirlineFan website, the price we charge the purchaser is $2 US per print. A well known competitor website only charges 70 cents for the same 4X6 print, and we think this is a gross undervaluation of your work. Serious airline photographers deserve to be properly compensated for their efforts. If you're listing your photos elsewhere, you've been selling yourself short, and we can now offer you a fair and immediate solution.

We split the $1.70 profit per print sale on a 50/50 basis with our Executive Class members. This means you will earn $.85 each time someone buys a 4X6 print from one of your photos. Simply put, that's more than twice what our competitor will pay you. Economy Class members earn $.65 for each 4X6 photo.

When someone buys a 5X7 print from our website we pay $1.50 to our Executive Class members and $1.14 to our Economy Class members. We payout photographer revenues at least twice per calendar year, and you can add or remove any photo from the photo sale pool at any time. Payments are sent to photographers by PayPal, therefore participation in the photographer payment scheme does require an active PayPal account.

As a digital photographer, the key is to only upload your superb digi airline pics to AirlineFan. If you upload the same photos to other image gallery websites, any potential photo customers will purchase elsewhere, resulting in less revenue for you the photographer.

There's lots of airline buffs like you photographing and filming at airports all over the world, so don't be shy! Everyone finds their own airport boring, but don't be mistaken, because we'd all like to see your work.

Economy Class membership with AirlineFan is free, and we welcome you to join us right now. To create your AirlineFan account right now, simply click here!

There's no limit on how much airline photo and/or video content you can upload, as long as the footage is good and makes it past our Video and Photo screening team.

User comments plays a big part of the AirlineFan experience. Of course it has to be done with respect. Let our photographers, videographers and viewers know what you think about their work. User comments and feedback is a great way to make new friends, share stories, and make your time on AirlineFan all the more rewarding. We encourage you to leave comments, and rate the photos and videos.

Although we're new on the scene, there's a lot going on and lots of ways to participate here. If you have extensive photo and video experience, why not apply to join our photo or video screening team.

Jump in, grab the ear plugs, and enjoy!

To watch our video content, you'll need to download Adobe's Flash Video Player version 8 or higher. We recommend Flash Player 9. Here's the download link: Flash Player 9 download

Please help us spread the word by telling your friends, and welcome aboard!

Happy spotting and safe filming!

Henry Tenby, Website Manager -

Henry Tenby Website Manager on the flight deck of the Martin Mars